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Zapotec Monochromatic

Zapotec Monochromatic

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Zapotec weaving, made in Oaxaca on a peddle push loom.  All textiles are 100% spun wool, dyed with natural plant materials.  These flat weaves have multiple purposes. Used as a wall hanging to brighten your space, a decorative piece on the back of your sofa, or of course, it's main function, used as a rug to warm your toes. 

The village of Teotitlan del Valle has a long weaving tradition that dates back to pre-hispanic times. The symbols woven into Zapotec rugs aren't just for decoration. Each symbol represents some part of the culture.  The traditional designs are based on Pre-Hispanic patterns.  For example, a Zapotec diamond represent the four elements: earth, air, fire, and water. The symmetry of the diamond signifies a pyramid reflected vertically, implying, the reality we see in a mirror reflects what lies within us.  You will never see a circular shape in a traditional Zapotec weaving.  This is because circles represented Coquihani, the god of light and were forbidden to duplicate. 

Size: 6'7" x 4'3"  

Care: If your Zapotec rugs are on the floor, use a carpet pad.  There is no question that a carpet pad prolongs the life of any rug and provides a measure of non slip safety.  The best pad available today is a felt pad with a rubber, non-skid, back.  Alternatively there are PVC net style pads for low profile and non-skid characteristics.

Flip rugs over periodically so there will be even distribution of fading and wear.

Vacuum weekly to keep rugs clean of dirt.  If stains occur, tend to immediately.  Use cold water, gentle detergent, such as woolite, and blot with a damp cloth.  Hang dry.

Dry clean if all else fails :)

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