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Euphorbia Leucodendron

Euphorbia Leucodendron

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The Euphorbia Leucodendron has an excellent shape about its growth reminding us of underwater aquatic plants. Commonly referred to as Cat Tail Plant it also resembled the Eu Tiricalli the Firesticks plant.It is a small tree or shrub with narrow cylindrical and spineless branches. These winter-dormant succulents can reach 4 to 6 feet in height. With their origin in the Madagascar region, Euphorbia Leucodendron plants belong to the Euphorbiaceae family. These succulent plants have a huge, clean, and vertically stacked landscape appeal. Plant in full sun or light shade (more compact in sun) in a well drained soil and water infrequently if at all. Hardy to at least 25°F. Vegetative propagation is the most common method of propagating Euphorbia Leucodendron. This is fulfilled through cuttings, in which several inches of stem with leaves are cut, and allowed to heal for a while.


Available in 1 gal pot size currently. This plant is Local Pickup only in the Portland OR area. Thank you for understanding. 

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