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Pilea Peperomioides - Money Plant

Pilea Peperomioides - Money Plant

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Pilea Mania!!  Pilea Peperomioides has become one of the very most popular houseplants, and its for good reason.  Also know as the Chinese money plant, it isa dored for its unique appearance. The round, coin-sized leaves are thick and glossy. Each leaf is attached to the crown of the plant by a petiole (leaf stem) that connects directly to the leaf underside, giving it a very unique appearance. This houseplant’s tendency to create lots of small “daughter plants” that are easily separated from the parent plant means it’s a great houseplant for sharing with friends and family.  Chinese money plants prefer well drained potting soil. Don’t use garden soil to plant this houseplant, and don’t buy the cheapest potting soil you can find. Instead, use a high-quality organic potting soil. One that’s based on peat moss or coir fiber is best. 


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