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Philodendron Pink Princess

Philodendron Pink Princess

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The Philodendron Pink Princess is one of the most in-demand houseplants at the moment. The bright pink variegation is stunning! Philodendron Pink Princess aka Pink Princess is easy to grow, but there are several very important things that you need to know in order to grow this plant to its maximum beauty.

Variegation means when a plant has areas of different color. In the case of the Philodendron Pink Princess, that color is pink. Whatever the variegated color is, those sections of the leaves lack chlorophyll that is needed for the plant to photosynthesize and make food from the sun’s energy. 

As a result of less chlorophyll being present in variegated plants, they will grow more slowly than their non-variegated counterparts. 

As with all philodendrons, they like bright indirect light. Some direct sun is fine, but don’t place this plant in full sun otherwise you will damage the plant. Especially the variegated regions. 

Remember, these are jungle plants (this plant happens to be native to Colombia) so they do not want to be in direct sun all day. 

Since it is slower growing than many Philodendrons, be sure not to keep this plant too far from a window or you will be further disappointed with growth! This is definitely a plant that should reside immediately in front of an appropriate window.

Plant in a a well draining aroid soil mixture and let dry out between waterings. This Plant is in a 4" grower's pot, one growth point, has 5 stunning leaves and a brand new one has just emerged! 

Specimen A has multiple growth points, which is essentially 4 plants 


specimen he has one growth point and lovely color.

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