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Philodendron Hastatum “Silver Sword” - 4”

Philodendron Hastatum “Silver Sword” - 4”

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The Philodendron Silver Sword is what’s known as a hemiepiphytic plant. This means it begins life as a terrestrial plant with a typical root system in the soil, but later becomes an epiphyte as it climbs nearby trees to reach the sun above the rainforest canopy.

Instead using its aerial roots to find moisture and nutrients (it can become fully epiphytic if it reaches the point where it severs its connection to the underground root system).

Philodendron Silver Sword is one of the few Philodendrons that can tolerate medium to lower medium light conditions. This means you can have it in a spot further away from the light source. 

Silver Sword loves humidity and a well draining around souls mixture similar to our Wildehaus Tropical Houseplant soil mix. Keep between 60 and 75 degrees F for optimal growth. Let dry out between waterings. 

We only have one in stock this time around! We will ship to the continental united states.

4” nursery pot size available. 







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