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Hoya Carnosa - Krimson Queen 4”

Hoya Carnosa - Krimson Queen 4”

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Hoya Krimson Queen or Hoya Tricolor (also know as Hoya Variegata) is a variegated variant of the Hoya Carnosa. Its leaves are either pink or white to creamy white around the leaf edges. If you haven’t caught the Hoya bug yet, the Hoya Krimson Queen is going to change that for good. Hoya Krimson Queen care needs bright filtered light or indirect light in an east facing window. As a potting soil use a chunky mix using perlite and pumice as well as peat moss. Keep temperatures between 61°F and 95°F and let soil dry out between waterings. Keep humidity at 70-80%, for the best results. Fertilize once a month in Spring and Summer using an organic fertilizer. Shipping not available on live plants.

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