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Florist Kalanchoe - Blossfeldiana

Florist Kalanchoe - Blossfeldiana

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Meet Florist Kalanchoe - Blossfeldiana, the playful and evergreen succulent perennial. With its glossy, textured foliage and charming scallop-edged leaves, this plant is a year-round delight. Let its blossoms and vibrant color grace your home with a touch of quirky charm.

Spruce up any room with the Florist Kalanchoe. Give it bright, filtered light, and this plant will thrive indoors or can be kept outdoors in the summertime. Watering when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. Do not water them too much (very sparingly in winter) and remove fading flowers. 

It is possible to get a kalanchoe to flower again, but it takes a little effort. Kalanchoes are 'short day' plants, which means they need a 'rest period' of short days and long nights in order to produce buds. That is why they naturally start to flower in February. You can manipulate this natural tendency by giving them only eight or nine hours of daylight a day for at least a month – you can put it in a cupboard or windowless room to achieve this – and by watering only sparingly. Two months later you should see new flower buds and can begin watering and feeding as normal.

6" size currently available. 

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