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Codiaeum Petra - Croton

Codiaeum Petra - Croton

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 Croton Petra is a gorgeous ornamental foliage plant with stunning leaf colour and variegation. The leaves tend to be glossy and oval in shape with pointed tips. Colours range from pink, through reds, oranges, yellows, light and dark greens - so much color on one plant! The leaf veins are a paler green and add an interesting variegated dimension. Petra is a very popular Codiaeum and at her best is guaranteed to brighten up a room and lift the spirits.

Give plenty of bright light. Direct sunlight for at least a few hours a day is recommended, however avoid the scorching midday sun. They can tolerate short periods of shade, but remember: the brighter the light, the finer the foliage!

Codiaeum need to be in damp soil at all times. They do not respond well to soil that is very wet or dry, and either will cause leaf drop. Watering your Petra with lukewarm water is recommended. Increased humidity levels are a must.

Croton sap is poisonous. Keep plants away from children and pets and take care when handling. 

Shipping available May - November. 

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