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Alocasia Zebrina

Alocasia Zebrina

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Alocasia zebrina, commonly known as the zebra plant or zebrina alocasia, is a plant in the family Araceae. This exotic-looking plant has dark green leaves with zebra-like patterns on its stems running down the center, and it's sure to add some personality to any room in your home.

The Alocasia Zebrina is a tropical plant, which means it needs a humid environment. If it gets too dry, it'll become vulnerable to pests.

This plant loves a humid climate, but that doesn't mean it likes to be watered a lot. It's better to underwater this plant slightly. Its thick stems contain a lot of moisture, so it won't need to be watered as often as you would expect. The long stems will store a lot of moisture, which means it's quite easy to see when your plant is thirsty. When all stems start to droop slightly, their stems are no longer full of moisture and it needs to be watered.

If only a single stem starts to droop, don't water your plant. A single drooping stem could mean that your plant is trying to replace it with a new leaf.

The Alocasia Zebrina needs a lot of sunlight. Putting it right next to the window though, will burn big juicy leaves. If your plant gets slightly yellow leaves, you know the sun was too much for the plant and you'll need to move it to a slightly more shady spot. If you don't have a room with a south-facing window, it's ok - you can also place it next to the west or east-facing window.These rooms won't get as much sun, but by placing the plant right next to the window, it'll still be enough throughout the day.

The Alocasia Zebrina is poisonous when ingested and the sap from its stem can irritate your skin. So it's best to keep this plant out of reach from small children and pets. This way you can enjoy this plant to the fullest and it will look the most beautiful in the long run.


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