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Alocasia - Stingray

Alocasia - Stingray

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Alocasia Stingray is an elephant ear plant becoming popular and is famous for its large leaf with a unique shape that has a long upturned tail. Like most Alocasias, it needs bright indirect light (south or west-facing windows are best as long as it is indirect light) and loves damp, well-drained soil amended with organic material to allow the roots to breathe. Our Wildehaus Houseplant mix is well suited for these specimens. 

Alocasia Stingray looks similiar to Alocasia Zebrina because they both have a deep green color on the leaves and a similar dappled purple pattern and color on the stems.

The differences are in the leaves. Alocasia Stingray leaves are rounder and have a pointed finish, while Alocasia Zebrina leaves are triangular with an arrow shape.



Alocasia Stingray is a tropical plant that loves warm and humid environments although it can survive in slightly different conditions. Alocasia Stingray loves bright light but it is not necessary.

Water your Alocasia Stingray until water runs out of the drain holes every time you see that the top 2 inches of the soil are dry.

It's important to check the soil of alocasias frequently because they like moist substrate. With this in mind, you'll approximately water your Alocasia Stingray about once or twice a week.

In nature, alocasias grow in soils with a lot of organic matter and high humidity which makes the soil never dry out.


Alocasias are toxic if ingested in large quantities. They best kept out of the reach of kids and pet to be safe, but rest assured a minor interaction will not prove toxic.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a local pickup in the Portland, OR area only. We will not ship this plant. 

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