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Alocasia - Sarian

Alocasia - Sarian

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Alocasia sarian is tropical perennial plant with unique, big, green, glossy, arrowhead-shaped leaves with prominent white veins passing through the leaf. The leaves are supported upright by thin, cylindrical, and tall stems. The stems are mottled with a lovely dark purple, coming from the "Zebrina" part of this hybrid with "Micholitziana".

These elephant ears can grow to quite a height given the right conditions. A mature Sarian Alocasia is around 5-10 feet and it can spread around a width of 2-6 feet. This peculiar size makes it easily noticeable within the room.

However, the size of the plant may vary significantly depending upon the location where it is placed. In an indoor environment, it can reach a maximum height of 3-4 feet. Whereas in the case of an outdoor environment, its size can reach 12 feet just like a giant.

Give bright indirect light to limited direct light when young. Water consistently and keep above 55 degrees F. They will drop into dormancy if temps fall below 55.

Online orders will be shipped with a heating pack. Please choose 2 day shipping or shorter to ensure safe arrival. Only shipped May to November. 

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