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Caladium Praetermissum - Hilo Beauty

Caladium Praetermissum - Hilo Beauty

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Caladium Hilo Beauty is an uncommon polka-dot patterned plant with yellow and white spots on bright green leaves. It is often called Alocasia Hilo Beauty but the newly classified genus is Caladium. Hilo Beauty It grows quickly with generous amount of water and indirect sunlight. We love the camouflage coloration!

Alocasias and Caladiums are both great for adding color and texture in landscapes and containers. So this is an indoor and outdoor plant depending on your zone. Keep evenly moist and fertilize monthly during the growing season. Protect from frost! They grow from bulbs, so if you do plant outside and the plant dies back, it should come back the next spring if you planted the bulb deeply enough. 

Give bright indoor light, or outside filtered/partial sun/partial shade. 

Shipping: 4" Available on this item May to November. Winter Heat Packing available to PNW and West Coast customers Dec - April for additional $2 fee.  Customer assumes shipping risks. Customer pays shipping cost. Please choose 2 day shipping or shorter to ensure safe arrival.  PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship the 2 Gallon Size, it is local pickup Portland, OR area only. 


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