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Philodendron White Wizard

Philodendron White Wizard

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The Philodendron White Wizard is a hard to find tropical plant with attractive white variegated foliage. It is a hybrid that is self-heading and upright in habit as opposed to climbing/vining like a lot of philodendrons tend to do. 

Despite its scarcity the white wizard is pretty easy to care for. It's less cold and drought tolerant to other hardier philodendrons. It needs bright, indirect sun, well draning soil and a good amount of humidity to thrive. Unfortunately this one is toxic to pets and people same as other philodendrons. 

Pay attention the variegation. If the white patches are turning green, there’s a good chance your philodendron white princess isn’t getting enough bright but indirect light. If you don’t have a sunnier spot to position your plant in, consider a full spectrum light bulb like the VITA by Soltech solutions. The fading variegation is often combined with leggy growth as your plant stretches toward the available light.

One or two old leaves turning yellow on most houseplants sn’t a reason to panic. Often, they are just making way for new growth. But if new growth at the top of the plant is discoloring, it can be a sign of a few potential problems. Commonly, yellowing and dropping leaves signify you need to cut back on watering. It can also be a sign of underwatering or your plant not getting enough light.

Currently available in 4" size. 

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