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Modern Myth Decor



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 The first rug purchased for Modern Myth in a little town called Gorge du Todra.  The transaction brought tears to my eyes as many dreams and visions were coming in full circle from seed to harvest.  This area rug will win you over with its elegant simple design of black and white wool, no dye needed.  Large eccentric  fringe decorates two sides demanding uniqueness to any otherwise ordinary rug.  Perfect for an at home office, kitchen-net, or loft apartment.  Fair-trade, woven on a loom by Berber women in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.  This female weaving cooperative was the first of many Modern Myth partnered with to support indigenous artisans of Morocco.  This rug is blessed.   

Elegant simplistic design
Natural black & white wool with fringe sides
One of a kind- new
Hand selected 
Zanafi technique

 size 5'8" x 7'

Care & Use
Vintage rugs that are in good condition have already withstood the test of time.  There is no reason why, if taken care of properly, they will not continue to survive for years to come.  While you may worry that your vacuum is too harsh for your rug, frequent vacuuming is in fact necessary to remove everyday dirt that otherwise wears down the rug. Modern Myth does however stipulate that it’s best to use an ordinary suction vacuum without bristles, as the bristles can damage the rug.  Do not use any chemical cleaners as they will damage the material.  We recommend warm water and gentle, chemical-free solutions to ensure colors won’t bleed and materials won’t break down.  Your rug should be sent out once every five years for a professional clean. While regular vacuuming and spot-cleaning are recommended, a professional rug cleaner has the skills and equipment to do a full cleanse of your carpet to ensure that it dries thoroughly in a temperature-controlled setting.  Last but not least, keep your rug away from moisture. If it gets wet, prop it up and let it dry out completely before laying it back on the floor.

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