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Colocasia Esculenta - Sangria

Colocasia Esculenta - Sangria

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Here's an indoor / outdoor friendly plant! The Colocasia Esculenta "Sangria" grows over 5' tall with striking red petioles below the massive elephant ear leaves. 

Colocasia Sangria is a hybrid made by Brian Williams that involves one of the hardiest known Colocasia plants Colocasia (Pink China). This hybrid has brighter colors but shares many of the traits of Col. Pink China. Sangria is easy to find a spot for inside, and outside can be used anywhere you would plant caladiums for that contrasting color only elephant ears can offer. These new beauties will please gardeners everywhere with their bold color and easy to handle sizes. Sangria makes a lovely focal point, sporting vibrant pinkish red petioles, like a rhubarb plant. A closer look reveals the bluish green tint of the leaves and the purple veins that branch throughout the blade. This lovely, clumping colocasia quickly becomes a focal point.

Currently the 2 Gallon pot size is available, standing stands approx 5' tall. 

Loves humidity. Keep soil moist but not soggy. Hardy in zoned 8-11.  Great for Foundation plantings, specimens, mass plantings, commercial landscapes, front or middle of the border, urban gardens, and containers.

This is a local pickup in the Portland Oregon area only. We will not ship this plant. 

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